Week 44

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Grenen, looking south along the west coast of Denmark.
Rolleiflex 3.5E, Ilford Delta 3200 @ EI 1600. Xtol 1:2, 17 minutes, 24 degrees.

If you are at the very tip of Denmark and turn facing south, this is what you will see along the west coast. It's dark in late October, very dark. If you turn around and face north, you will see two seas meeting, Skagerak to the left and Kattegat to the right. The "v" is exactly where they meet ... so it should be easy enough to find on the map ... Denmark, at the northern, very northern tip.

It was a calm day, but when these two meet, they churn up the water.

It is the dark time of the year now. With EI 640 you get about 1/30 @ 2.8 at midday if it is overcast. I work at home some days and look forward to company when my wife comes home.

"You could have put the trash back." Yes, I thought, I could have.

But can't she hold still for one single decisive moment?