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Christmas in Sweden is spent with family. There is an unwritten rule that you "keep to your own" through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Sounds all hunky dory, but not all families like each other, and not everyone has a family.
This is from a walk on Boxer Day, when people start cautiously reappearing. He was standing at the bridge where everyone had to pass to get out to the island, obviously looking for company. He was visiting his 71-year-old sister who would soon be 80, saw the Rolleiflex bouncing off of my well stuffed belly which reminded him of Super-8 film. We talked for a while. He wasn't playing with a full deck, but not that many cards were missing.
Light is a rare commodity at this time of the year. Technically we are headed towards better days but for all intents and purposes, we won't notice that until towards the end of January. If I see light, I want a picture of it. I liked the way the low winter light swept across the hill at an acute angle and hit the wall. This wall goes back hundreds of years. It serves no purpose anymore other than to catch the light.
One frame left on the roll. Once again, I wanted to save some light. She agreed, without too much excitement.