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We had gathered together to help Lotta salvage the remains of some of her possessions in her house. It burned out, not down, but out, as a consequence of the storm we had a few weeks back (week 1). Almost everything was destroyed but in the attic most things were ok. The house is a wreck. Still time for some morbid humor. (Leica CL, 21/4 VC Color-Skopar).
Erica sorted through bags, looking for her things. Teddy bears was about all she could save (M2/35 Summicron). Lotta and Kjell (M2/35 Summicron).
The week started on a lighter note. Kjersti is a film-maker and had just purchased a digital to help her with some animation. She's checking out the digital shot a telephone can do at Bagel and Juice in Oslo (M2/35 Summicron)
On Wednesday there was a protest march against the changes in public education in Oslo (university level). By 18:00 it's dark. A speaker and the crowd at "Stortinget" (M2/50 Summicron and CL/21 Color-Skopar)
On Sunday Ewa and I took a walk in Gothenburg (Göteborg). There is a nice area called "Konstepidemin". The facilities used to be used for epidemics and it's a play on words. Konst=art and "epidemin" rhymes with "academin" (academy). Now it is full of studios, for all kinds of the arts: from writing studios, photography studios, painting studios to theater. I liked the tree in the fog. (Rolleicord V)
I thought I'd be safe, being Sunday and all the stores are closed. But there was plenty of opportunity for window shopping.
These stairs lead down to Linnégatan
Rebecca (M2/35 Summicron)