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February 19, 2007

PAW 7 2007

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PAW 7 2007

Tom Fenwick, a quiet member of Leica and Rollei mailing lists, sent me a combination lens hood for two older lenses I have, the 5cm and 9cm Elmars from Leica. True to Leitz tradition, it has a silly name: FIKUS. It is like a telescopic tube. In its shortest form, it is a shade for the 50 mm lens and in its longest form, for the 135. Inbetween you can adjust it for a 90mm.I usually have trouble getting contrast out of these old lenses. They are not coated so black and white likes to “wash out” readily. The hood helps

Taken with a 5cm Elmar, uncoated, with a FIKUS hood

That one was taken at 1/15 of a second, wide-open. There is good separation in the darker tones, so the contrast was not created by just boosting it in Photoshop.The 90 Elmar worked better as well. I really wish I could get a good portrait of Ewa, my wife. One of these days …

Ewa, taken with a very old 9cm Elmar lens

I liked that one, but the finder I am using with the lens is not very good (it’s a Helios (Japanese) finder with framelines for 35/85 and 135, but it is closer to 40 and 90. But not quite, and when I use it for a 90, I have trouble getting a good composition in the frame.The picture of Ewa was taken with an old black barrel 9cm Elmar. I took it apart to clean up most of the fungus that had started to etch itself onto an internal lens. I picked it up cheap.All film this week was Fomapan 400 developed in Xtol 1:2. The first roll was developed for 14 minutes and the second roll for 13 minutes. I can’t really compare though because the first roll was metered using a Nikon F3 and the second roll was metered using a Gossen Digiflash.

The results can be seen in the shoebox for the week.

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