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July 8, 2007

PAW 26 and 27

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During midsummer festivities I used some old Kiev bodies rather than expensive cameras … you never know what will happen.

It wasn’t really a compromise. The Kievs use some very good lenses, Jupiter-12, Jupiter-8 and Jupiter-9, in my case. They are Biogon and Sonnar lenses made in the former Soviet Union. You might have to shop around a bit, but it doesn’t take too much effort to find lenses that perform like their contempory Zeiss lenses. The optical industry in the Soviet Union was no slouch.

This one is a shot with the Jupiter-9 (85/2.0):

The Kiev’s, like the Contaxes they are, have a couple, not many, weak points. One is that the two halves of the focal plane shutter are held together and spaced by silk ribbons. The actually shutter is metal, but the ribbons will break every 15, 20 or 30 years. The ones on the body I was using with the 85/2.0 broke, which was a pity because they were nicely matched to each other.

So … I had to try and find another Kiev body (Kiev 4A) that would work well with my lenses. I ran some tests with the 50 and the 85, using Fomapan 200 developed in R09 (ur-Rodinal). I used the Zeiss Jena Sonnar (50/2.0):

and the Jupiter-9:

Even if the body and 85/2.0 were hitting focus alright, the body was scratching the film as you can see in the shot above.

On the LUG (Leica Users’ Group), Hoppy was left cold by the 50 Sonnar shot. The sunlight on Rebecca’s arm was too burned out. That is a characteristic of Fomapan 200 and R09, not so much the lens. The lens can usually deliver good tonality. So I wanted to show that for week 27, the following week:

I used Agfapan APX400 developed in Xtol this time (10+ minutes diluted 1:1).

Week 26 ended up with a Rolleicord shot as its main:


More from both weeks can be seen in the shoeboxes for week 26 and week 27.

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