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October 4, 2007

2007 PAW 39

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A couple of weeks ago I lost a Leica CL and a couple of lenses to a pick-pocket style theft while waiting on a train at Copenhagen station. Losing that kind of equipment gets old.

I have quite a few FSU (Former Soviet Union) cameras and lenses. Most of them are the Contax style Kiev camera with the rebadged Zeiss lenses from the 40’s: Jupiter-12 (35/2.8 Biogon), Jupter-8 (50/2.0 Sonnar) and Jupiter-9 (85/2.0 Sonnar). They all perform as well as older Leica lenses (which is all I have, that is, older ones, not the newer aspheric lenses).

So why risk expensive stuff when the quality can be just as good … as long as you can find a body that holds up. I have been fortunate enough to find one.

I ran some tests first, just to be sure, and this informal portrait of Rebecca, in the doorway of the livingroom that leads out into the backyard, is one of the results:

Rebecca at the backdoor

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