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January 28, 2008

2008 PAW 4

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At work there is an activity called “On the Fly”, where those who work there contribute every month and the employer more than matches with some funds. Each department then carries the responsibility to arrange something for the others.

The R&D section … is probably not the most exciting group. We don’t dance and came under fire for not arranging a good summer party with dance. So another department decided that we needed dance lessons, “linedance”.

Afterwards we all went out to eat at a place called “Carlslunds” in Odense. Their specialty is “egg cake”. It is basically an omelette, about an inch and a half thick, in a cast-iron skillet, covered with about 2 pounds (I am not exaggerating) of thickly sliced bacon and pork rinds.

But since most people who read this belong to the LUG (Leica Users Group), I’d better put up some photographs taken with a Leica this week (the previous two weren’t).

I spend a lot of my time at bus and train stops, like Lindome Station:

and, Korsvägen (Crossroads) in Gothenburg:

Those were both taken with an M3 that I am testing, an M3 and an old, silver Summicron (nice lens).

Besides those, I took some portraits of Ewa with a 35/2.5 Color-Skopar, an Industar-26 and an Industar-50, in that order. They were all taken with the lens wide-open onto Kodak Tmax400 developed in D76 1:1.

Bessa T with a 35/2.5 Color-Skopar

Leica IIIc, Industar-26

Leica IIIc, Industar-50 (more or less like an 50/3.5 Elmar, but a real Tessar instead of just being close).

Jag har och försöker att alltid göra en svensk version också. Det är nytt för i år.

January 21, 2008

2008 PAW 3

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Neither of us smoked anymore. It just seemed like the thing to do at the moment.

Smoking non-smoker

Someone in the family was wanting to sell two M3’s and assorted accessories. She had been using them herself, but they came from her father. She had moved on to a digital camera.

I’ve been thinking about them and borrowed them to test them out. I’ve never been happy with the rangefinder/viewfinder that Solms put into my M3 when they did a CLA.

The first is of Rebecca, in the kitchen:

Rebecca in the kitchen

I wanted to see how the old lens would perform with backlighting to. Ewa probably thought I’d have been infinitely more useful if I devoted some attention to putting together the lamp from IKEA.


January 14, 2008

2008 PAW 2

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The sun is coming back, very low on the horizon, but headed upwards …

At the coast, Onsala

2008 PAW 1

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This is Masthuggskyrkan (Mast-maker-church). In the photo below you can see how masts make up the upper section in the background.

The church was almost intentionally blown up during the second world war. It provided a distinct landmark for enemy ships that might come into the harbour.

Fortunately it wasn’t. It provided a panorama view of the city of Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Ewa and I went up to see the fireworks.

Afterwards there was a simple service.

Masthuggskyrkan on New Year's Eve

January 7, 2008

Clash of values

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She lived in a high density urban area but had spent the last month
with her uncle, her mother’s brother. We were bringing her back home
and she pleaded with her uncle to get her mother to let her stay for a
while longer:

Her mother, nervously declined and explained that her father wanted
her home now:

She was nervous, because she herself knew that it was a breach of
custom. The maternal uncle has more authority over the children of a
family than a biological father. That is the way a matriarchy works.

It was an awkward moment, a clash between traditional and modern
values and he felt the clumsiness of the situation. Deep down, he felt
it wasn’t a good reason. His niece was crushed.

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