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March 26, 2008

Easter witches

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I doubt that the tradition of witches coming to the door at Easter has Christian roots, but it is wide-spread in Sweden.

March 16, 2008

PAW 11 2008 – Carlsens kvarter, Odense

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Afterwork …

One more …

Both were taken using a Leica IIIf, Fomapan 400 developed in D76. The first one used a Summitar (wide-open at 1/40) and the second a 35/2.5 Color-Skopar, also wide-open, at 1/20.

PAW 10 2008 – Back and forth again

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Back to my routine, back and forth …

On the train between Copenhagen and Malmö.

But it is nice to be home.

Both taken using a Leica IIIf, 50/2.0 Summitar, Fomapan 400 developed in D76 1:1

March 2, 2008

Street portraits from Zomba, Malawi

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I haven’t been working on my gallery, PAW or blog (at least, not noticeably working on them) for a couple of weeks because I have been away, in Zomba, Malawi. I am working in a bi-lateral research project between NTNU in Trondheim, Norway (The Norwegian Technical University) and Chancellor’s College, University of Malawi. In Malawi I am working with the Centre for Language Studies.

I took my Rolleicord V this time and took a couple of rolls. It was immediately recognized as a camera in Malawi, not just a curious little box. So people on the street would often like to have their portrait taken.

This young man was a filmmaker. He was working on his film, “Give me back my property” and is evidently inspired by Kung Fu films. He practised martial arts.

This next man is someone I would pass by every morning as I walked to the office.

I met these girls as I was walking down to the market on a Saturday afternoon:

Individual 1

Individual 2

Individual 3

There are more pictures taken with the Rolleicord in the gallery: here, here and here.

Ladies and gents, welcome to The G-String Club

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The thing to do on a Friday night in Malawi, and many places in Africa, is to go out dancing and drinking. All things considered, I got the impression that dancing was more important than drinking. Some were drunk, but not many, if you take consideration for how many people were at the club.

G-string club

I met this man both nights that I went there. He is the one who asked:

Have you tried malawian girls?



I’m married.

(High five … he liked that answer)

Together with Jannick.

A happy couple.

The man recognized me as I walked around town a few days later, stopped his car and came back to greet me, to make sure he got a copy of the picture.

Dancing …

And the owner, Joy …


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