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July 22, 2008

2008 PAW 28 and 29

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My first week of vacation, last week, was spent running a school that hosted 29 out of the 1,600+ soccer teams that came to Gothia Cup in Gothenburg. We live at the school for 8 days. Not much time for anything else other than making things work.

The week before, week 28, was characterized by pictures of my cats. I didn’t have enough of Snorre before he got killed and I wanted pictures of my cats. This is the mother. She was so upset about Snorre’s death that she puked. She frantically tried to groom him and clean him, just like she had always done.


For week 29 I chose a picture I took of Ewa in our kitchen, the first day we were home again after Gothia Cup.


I also came across a roll of film from a recent trip that had been misplaced. I developed it and found some pictures from Malawi.

Off to the US for 2 weeks now.

July 21, 2008


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I found a roll of Tmax400 that got misplaced from an earlier trip to Malawi and processed it over the week-end.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, but when the rains come in time and in reasonable amounts, there is plenty to eat. These children were enjoying mangos:

Children with mangos

When Alick and I stopped to shop for some rugs that he wanted to take home with him (we had spent the day at Lake Malawi), these children ran to meet us.

Children 1

Children 2

Children 3

They were all taken with an M3 and a 50 Summitar.

July 8, 2008

News from Zimbabwe

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Some of you know that I have worked in Zimbabwe for many years with dictionary and language projects.

I got this letter from a friend just a few minutes ago.

————– QUOTE ————-
Hie Daniel

How are you and others? Things are not okay for me. The situation is very bad, I can not afford to buy food for myself and my kid. For example we have about two days without food. And its now pointless for me to go to work because the salary alone can not allow me to catch combi for a day. So I dont know where to start Daniel. the situation is so bad for me. I dont know how you can assist. If you fail to assist we are going to die Daniel.

Best sishes

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July 6, 2008

2008 PAW 27

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I drove down to Odense from Lindome in the evening rather than the morning, as I usually do. That put the sun in my face. I set the camera to center-weighted metering and added +0.7 EV to keep it from going over the top and was surprised how the lens held up.

Ferry to Denmark from Helsingborg

Kept to myself for the most part. After work I took a long walk down to the center of Odense, passing Fotolsen on Albanigade on the way. He had a screw mount, collapsible Summicron tried it out on my IIIf that I had with me.

Testing a LTM Summicron

He also had a Sigma 30/1.4 in a Nikon mount so I tried it out too, using a D80 that I also had with me.

Sigma 30/1.4

I didn’t buy the Summicron at the time and put an Elmar (50/3.5) back on the IIIf for the rest of my walk:

Along the creek in Odense

Downtown (Flakhaven):


I did buy the Summicron before I went back home to Sweden and tried it out on Ewa (f4.0):


and Rebecca (wide-open):


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