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August 25, 2008

2008 PAW 34

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Rebecca is moving to Copenhagen next week and agreed to let me test one last roll of film on her. The Rolleiflex 3.5E needed some cleaning. I took the lens apart and got rid of some internal issues that were lowering contrast and I was curious to see whether or not it made a difference.


I don’t seem to have done any damage at least.

There are more here and here in the shoebox.

2008 PAW 33

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Slow weeks photographically. Working up a steam again, getting back to work after vacation.

Recently, in the last couple of years, I’ve lost three cats. I miss them greatly and when I have a few frames left on a roll, I try to get a good picture of one or more of them.


There are more snaps from the week in the shoebox.

August 18, 2008

2008 PAW 31

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After all these years, she still likes me:

Mom 1

She doesn’t like her smile, but I do. This was the first take, before she smiled:

Mom 2

Ewa and I walked around in Chicago, just to see things. It is a city I gladly return to. I like it.

Chicago 1

Chicago 2

Chicago 3

Tourists, as we were, there was time to write post cards. When I showed Rebecca my babe magnet, she responded scornfully, “you already have a babe.”

My babe

All taken with an M3 and a 50 Summicron. The Chicago streets just might have been taken with a 90 Elmar, now that I think about it.

August 17, 2008

Way out west

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I went to a music festival here in Göteborg last week-end. Neil Young played and I really wanted to see him.

In the meantime I meandered around with my wife and took a picture or two.

It wasn’t easy. “No professional cameras allowed” was one of the rules.

They went on to define professional cameras as:

1) Single lens reflex
2) Exchangeable lenses

I thought about a IIIf. I should be able to sneak one of them by, but I was afraid of criterium nr 2. Same thing with regard to a FED-2.

Decided to take a Rolleiflex. Hung it around my neck and just walked right past the goons (but they were very nice goons, I might add).

I got all kinds of comments and it was a real ice-breaker. A lot of people came up to me admiring the camera.

This girl was really fascinated by it. So much so she wanted to take a picture with it. So I told her not to move. Focused on her, took a shot, wound forward a frame and handed her the camera so she could take a picture of me.

step one

step two

Otherwise, I spent most of the time looking at others’ backs:

Common sight

You could actually hear the music better from way back:

way out back

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