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September 29, 2008

2008 PAW 39

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Taking the ferry over to Helsingør from the Swedish side, Helsingborg.


On the car deck:

At sea

Ewa recognizing a colleague in a magazine:


Almost smiling:

Almost smiling

All with an M3 and a collapsible 50/2.0 Summicron. I’m about due for a modern 50.

2008 PAW 38

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Spent the week in Oslo. A bag-boy, I am.


There are some more in the shoebox.

September 14, 2008

2008 PAW 37

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I pass through Copenhagen twice a week quite often. That was part of Rebecca’s plan. She couldn’t carry everything she wanted when she went down, so my task is to take some of the second priority stuff down when I pass through:

More bags

I have to admit, I really look forward to doing it and getting a chance to chat with her.


On my way back home I had more time to spend. The first time through, I just had about 15 minutes between trains. On my way home I booked in a couple of hours. I think she was hungry (hadn’t eated a real meal since she left home):


She has her camera with her, as usual:

The food

Time for a chat (it’s pretty expensive for you to have a child move away from home, she jokes):


The bill

Off to Oslo now, she’ll have to starve the next couple of weeks.

September 7, 2008

2008 PAW 36

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I guess this makes me an empty nester. Rebecca leaves for Copenhagen.


Leaves home

Leaving home

Packs the car

Packing the car

At the station

At the station

Train arrives

Train arrives



But now I’ve got a gallery set up for her and am working on setting up a WordPress blog for her. It will be nice to follow.

September 1, 2008

2008 PAW 35

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Ewa and I spent the afternoon in Varberg, a town on the west coast of Sweden, south of Göteborg. We’ve always enjoyed spending a few hours there.

We ate lunch at a Greek restaurant and I took a picture of her while we were waiting.


I had a Rolleicord IV with me and wanted to finish the roll. No masterpieces, but small snaps of Varberg. The light was falling at a sharp angle here and I’ve always liked this building:

Main street in Varberg

They have placed out chunks of granite here and there. A little further south on the coast and the granite, so typical for the west coast of Sweden (northern west coast) disappears and is replaced by fine sand.


The church:

The church in Varberg

And a pedestrian street:

Pedestrian street in Varberg

I had a frame left when we got home. This is just a shot from our front yard:

Front yard

Be back soon … my mother in law turned 80 last week and I hope I have a nice picture of her.

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