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October 19, 2008

2008 PAW 42

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I’ve learned that I want to have pictures of my cats. You never know.


I’ve been sitting at home and working all week. Doesn’t get real exciting.

All with a Leica IIIg and a 50 or 90 Elmar.

October 12, 2008

2008 PAW 41

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Gustav’s revenge

Gustav, in his mid-90’s now, inherited some land together with his brother. The whole business was not to Gustav’s liking, I forget the details, but his brother got the section up on the hill and Gustav got the section going down to the lake. From the hill there was a beautiful view of the lake.

Gustav’s brother sold off some of his, not to Gustav’s liking either, and city folks built their summer cottages there, with a beautiful view of the lake.

Gustav took revenge. He planted these trees on the border of his land and his brother’s:

Gustav's revenge 1

A few steps back:

Gustav's revenge 2

Just to give you and idea of how the view should have looked, this is it from Gustav’s:

Gustav's revenge 3

Don’t mess with Gustav.

Ewa and I heard this story when we went out picking mushrooms together with Monika. She’s Gustav’s neighbor.

Just some snaps from the day (it was dark and raining):

Woods 1

Woods 2

Woods 3

Ewa made a mushroom pie when we got home:

Mushroom pie

On my way home from Odense I passed through Copenhagen and met up with a LUGer, Mads. There has been a discussion of Konica Hexars and lenses on the list and Mads just happened to have one with him. For comparison, the first shot is with a 35/2.0 Summicron (don’t look for differences, you won’t really find any):

Mads 1

The next was with a 35/2.0 Hexanon (Leica screwmount):

Mads 2

He also had a 90 mm with him and these two were taken with it, wide-open at close range:

Mads 3

Mads 4

There are more from the week in the shoebox.

October 5, 2008

2008 PAW 40

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This week has been characterized by running a couple of cameras through their paces … and remembering cameras tucked away in a closet. The Kiev 4a was mentioned on the Leica Users Group (LUG) and I decided to take mine with me to Odense. I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with Rebecca, in Copenhagen, on my way back home:


Thas was with a Kiev 4a, Jupiter-8m, wide-open, at 1/25.

I also got two cameras back from repairs. I had purchased a camera that I used to dream about 30 years ago, a IIIG, and my M2 was due for a new shutter. I had also gotten a 50/2.8 Elmar (LTM) from a member of the LUG a couple of years ago. It was sharp enough, but contrast was suffering from haze between the inner elements so I sent it along with the bodies to get it cleaned up.

I was more concerned with seeing how the contrast held up rather than sharpness. These two were taken outdoors with the Elmar at f8:

Ewa 1

Ewa 2

The next one was taken wide-open (f2.8):

Ewa 3

Poor Ewa can never eat in peace when I’m home.

On Friday evening we went out to eat at a restaurant that is a fixture in Göteborg, Kometen (The Comet). They specialize in schnitzel. These were taken with a 35 Summicron on the M2, 1/15 @ 2.0 and the last one at 1/8 @ 2.0:

Ewa 4

Ewa 5

Ewa 6

This early in the month there’s not a lot more, but there are a couple of others in the shoebox for October.

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