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March 23, 2009

Malawi: Feb. 2009

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There’s a family I’ve been involved with for a couple of years now in Malawi. The father, Philip, died a few months ago. If you dig around on my blog or ask me, I can point to some background information.

This year the priority is food. It always is in Malawi. The price of fertilizer has gone up almost 3 times from last year and cost around 90 USD a bag. That is a total insult to the masses of farmers out in the country who rarely see cash. The majority has never seen 90 USD at one time. It takes about 8 bags to cover a field large enough to supply a family with food.

You can see the difference. The corn (maize) on the left is a field that belongs to the family I am helping. The corn to the right, to someone else in the hamlet who couldn’t afford fertilizer:

With and without fertilizer

Dorte said one thing to me in English: “blankets”. And this is when she said it:


The cold season is coming and sleeping on the earth can be very, very cold.

There’s some more pictures here:

Feb. 2009

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