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April 18, 2009

Way back

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Sometimes you wonder have things have turned out for a person.

I was going through some old files and ran across a collection that I had used for an exhibit at Scandinavian Photo a few years back, 2005, I think. Most of the pictures in the exhibit were recent, but I added a few from years back, for reasons I don’t really remember.

It was probably the same thing. What happened to this little boy?

St. Louis

St. Louis county had deemed the apartment he lived in to be unfit. They wanted to take him away from the mother. The reason? Lead paint falling off the walls. There was a risk he would eat the flakes and get poisoned.

Lead paint

The woman in the first picture is his grandmother, in the second, his mother. His grandmother was offering to take him in to live with her.

I don’t know how it ended.

April 13, 2009

Philip Tambala

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One of these days I will gather the strength to write an in depth report of the on-going story of my contact with Philip Tambala and the aftermath. I write “aftermath” because he has died. There’s a story there too.

Philip Tambala 1

From the same ditch where we were sitting:

Philip Tambala 2

Manpower: Lumberjacks

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In Africa there is not the same incentive to automate or to create efficient work-flows. There are so many people looking for work.

I passed by these men working in the stream in Zomba (Malawi). They had already felled large gum trees (Eucalyptus) and were breaking the trunks down into small pieces; not small pieces, just smaller.

These pieces of timber were then taken up on land, propped up, lines are traced and then they manually, using the same technique of two workers on one saw, cut out planks from the smaller pieces of tree trunks.

Lumber jacks 1

A closer look:

Lumber jacks 2

The next stage, on land:

Lumber jacks 3

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