Week 25

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Flowers are part of midsummer. Once again, the lake in the background is the same one we were walking across in week one. Our vantage point here is in the background of that photo. We were heading straight for the house, from where this picture is taken.
Have to keep the traditions. The men have to prepare the May-pole. It is covered with birch limbs, rings are formed and decorated with flowers.
According to tradition, the women should weave a diadem out of seven kinds of flowers and sleep on them. The food is salty, pickled herring, and you get a little thirsty (we'll get to that below). The man who brings you water in your dream that night is the man you will marry.
We ate inside because the wind was blowing very briskly this day.
You sing. The melodies are familiar, but all the lyrics have to be changed so that they function for the occasion, so nobody knows the words. Their only function is to introduce yet another snaps.
Once you sing, then you can drink.
And you can drink some more.
And some more.
And more ...
and more ...
Oh yes ... you can dance on the tables too.
We've been doing this for years. The company is very, very enjoyable. This is our host to the right.
And then you sing some more (and drink).