Week 2

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KringsjŚ, Oslo, Norway

Ephraim is from Namibia and like Martin and Maja, he is in Oslo for a whole year to work on his doctorate. After six months his wife came up to visit him (wrong time of the year of a Namibian). She was now due to go back and Ephraim's friends treated them to a meal.

This picture illustrates one of the problems I have. I was forced to use a slow shutter speed, 1/30 @ f2. I focus, then recompose at the same time as trying to catch the right moment. Since the shutter speed is so slow I want to get recomposed a split second before the right moment to give my hands a chance to settle down. In this case I didn't get back to the compostion I wanted before the right moment came.

M2, 50mm Summicron, Neopan 1600