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December 21, 2010

Winter travel

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I work in Oslo a few times a year. It may sound strange, but I try to ride my bike now-a-days. It is 360 km one way. I do not do it in one day, though I do have plans for that in 2011.

This last time I took the train. It has been below zero for weeks now and there is just too much snow to cycle in. But as always, you never know what will happen in the winter.

This time, a construction worker pulled down the power line for the train. We were about 10 km out of the next station with a road about 3 or 4 km ahead, but we could not go that way, because of the power line. So we sat … for hours. There was nowhere to go behind us, only forest and forest. It happened at the worst possible place from our point of view.

The ventilation stopped working, the train’s batteries started to drain. The lights went out, the heat was gone.

Finally the military came and cleared a way through the woods so we could get to a road.

Leaving the train

Then down the tracks …

Down the tracks

And into the woods …

Into the woods

The whole exercise felt a little comical. I had decided to take a suit with me for a Christmas party later on in the week. I was not wearing it, but I was dragging it along, trekking through the woods in shoes that were not meant for the day’s events.

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