Notes : Daniel Ridings

August 25, 2010


Filed under: Elmar 90/4,Fomapan 400,IIIg,Photography — at 7:56 am

I’ve had trouble liking my photography since about a year back. I did a wedding. I did it for money. I lost the spark.

One way I’ve had success in the past, when I’ve been in a rut, is to fool myself into taking pictures. I tell myself I’m not really doing anything important, I’m just testing. Just testing a camera, a lens, a film, a developer. Just testing. Just testing things I’ve used for years and years and just using routines I’ve always had, but I’m just testing.


Just testing a IIIg, 90/4 Elmar, Fomapan 400 and D76. Most important, I was testing to see if I could make Ewa smile.

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